A Brief Summary of the ETM Learning Experience

Cycle of Learning in ETM

In the English Teaching Methodology Course, students engage in active learning in the university classroom and also have a chance to teach at some school. They record their learning in their ePortfolios.

Major Sections of the ePortfolio


The principles you have regarding language teaching and learning.


Your goals in improving in the three areas and whether or not you could accomplish those goals.

Critical Incidents:

An experience you had in the classroom that impacted your philosophy or development.

Areas of Learning in ETM

The overall goal of all the ETM classes is to help ETM members develop their own valid teaching principles. The ETM classes are divided into four areas: Self, Knowledge of schools and society, English teaching and learning, and Language proficiency and knowledge. We will develop in these areas through a cycle of reflection: having an Experience, considering a part of the experience to examine (inquiry), describing the part of the experience related to the inquiry (description), interpreting the experience, and developing a new understanding.

We write about our new understandings in our ePortfolio. Below, each area is explained.


Knowledge Schools and Society

English Teaching and Learning


Knowledge of English

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